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Embark on a plug to enhance your Procreate abilities and steal your artistic prowess to unusual heights! Explore the engrossing world of colour palettes as you import three namely crafted palettes—boho, scandi, and mid-century—fully FREE! Delve into the realm of Procreate brushes, grasp colour concept, and assume regarding the art of drawing inspiration from details superhighway reference photos.

Whether or no longer you are a novice or an skilled artist, this class guarantees a fulfilling adventure where each stroke unveils a weird, adorable creature! Bid your self increasing a full animal kingdom bursting with cuteness.

The possibilities with this newfound details are endless! From drawing charming animals to showcasing them on Print on Query of platforms adore Society 6, Crimson Bubble, Zazzle, or even launching your dangle illustration alternate on Etsy—the sky is the limit!

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To kickstart your ingenious expedition, let me outline the engrossing subjects covered in my class:

Steal a enjoyable quiz to uncover what roughly quirky animal suits your model.

Undercover agent inspiration from reference photos on hand on the salvage, Pinterest, and beyond.

Dive into the charming universe of Procreate brushes, mastering the art of importing and discovering them online.

Explore the realm of Procreate colour palettes, and indulge within the three meticulously crafted palettes I’ve prepared completely for you.

Sketch your inaugural animal alongside me—a charming poodle the spend of a reference describe.

Be taught the step-by-step strategy of constructing relatively a form of animals, from alligators, kangaroos, and cats to canines, elephants, and owls.

Inform the secrets of evolving your workflow the spend of Procreate gestures—I’ve even prepared a free cheat sheet to your comfort.

Blueprint your very dangle adorable animal from scratch.

The pleasure culminates in drawing your first comely animal in Procreate this day! This class is rarely any longer simply an exploration of artistic abilities; it is an invitation to unleash your creativity and search for the magic you are going to be ready to bring to existence with Procreate. Join me on this artistic plug, and let’s plan something in actual fact particular together!

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