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  • We requested the UK’s greatest banks what customers wish to originate to withdraw £5k

By Helen Kirrane

Up so a ways:

Nowadays, bank customers enjoy realized it more challenging to withdraw large sums of their very own money over-the-counter at banks to use for the likes of constructing work or buying a aged automobile.

Right here is attributable to banks ramping up their anti-money laundering and announcing they strive and abet customers protected towards fraud attempts.

Some customers obtain themselves being requested for proof of an invoice so as to withdraw money for constructing works while others are level blank denied get entry to to their very own money by their bank.

Most banks will interrogate questions about what a bigger money withdrawal is for as share of ani-money laundering and fraud assessments

As Right here is Cash’s tax knowledgeable Heather Rogers says, paying for a job money-in-hand is lawful and would perhaps well perhaps not get you into any trouble with your bank.

So factual how easy is it to withdraw £5,000 out of your bank even as you fundamental a job or merchandise paying in money?

Right here is Cash requested five well-known high road banks and Nationwide Constructing Society what a buyer would wish to originate to withdraw this quantity in money. Right here’s what the banks mentioned…


NatWest mentioned: ‘For somebody making this extra or less withdrawal, they’d wish to bring their debit card and revel in their Pin.

‘We would picture a buyer giving us 24 hours explore, to make certain that we can fulfil the interrogate and particularly within the event that they need negate denominations, but they assign not wish to.

‘Colleagues within the department would perhaps well perhaps interrogate questions about the aim of their money withdrawal, but or not it’s miles important to realise that that is so as to validate the withdrawal as proper and defend customers towards fraud and scams.’


Santander mentioned: ‘There isn’t a wish to preorder or telephone ahead for a withdrawal of this quantity.

‘Chip and Pin would perhaps well perhaps be aged to take a look at the client, moreover to describe ID.

‘We would moreover interrogate some further questions on the clarification for the revenue command to defend the client and take a look at there became no recommendation of a rip-off or fraud.’


Nationwide mentioned: ‘We are going to strive and give money withdrawals of over £2,000 on the identical day, but it does depend on the quantity of money on hand in department.

‘To defend away from any trouble, we interrogate customers to give a paunchy working days’ explore.

‘When they design to acquire the money, they are able to wish to bring ID to show veil their title and deal with.

‘To abet our buyer money protected and to support defend them from scams, they’d well perhaps moreover be requested a few questions about the money withdrawal.’


Barclays mentioned: ‘Chip and pin at the counter in department is required to withdraw but our guidance to customers is to give 24 hours’ explore if the withdrawal is above £2,000.

‘On the different hand, if ample money is on hand and the client is verified as per the bank’s controls and assessments, the withdrawal will in total be fulfilled to the client.

‘Odd assessments of ID and verification would perhaps well perhaps be fundamental to withdraw a sum of this quantity e.g. a fabricate of describe ID, cleared funds, buyer signature and a number of others.

‘We would moreover take a look at the clarification for a large money withdrawal and that the client is worked up and never field to a seemingly rip-off or underneath duress.’


Lloyds Financial institution mentioned: ‘Lloyds Financial institution customers can let us know sooner than making a large money transactions or we can facilitate most requests on the day, offering required identification is shown (collectively with chip and pin on their myth card and describe ID).

‘For bigger transactions we’ll always originate extra assessments and interrogate further inquiries to defend our customers (e.g. from fraud) but we can not share negate tiny print in case that’s well-known to fraudsters.’


To steal out £5,000 in a paunchy or money service department a HSBC buyer in total would not wish to name ahead, even supposing it’s instructed for bigger sums to create sure the money is on hand when they need it.

At a Banking Hub with Put up Office service, a HSBC buyer would perhaps well perhaps be in a region to withdraw £5,000 albeit over several days.

To withdraw £5,000 at an ATM, a HSBC buyer would perhaps well perhaps interrogate a transient enhance to withdraw bigger quantities reckoning on the form of myth that they defend (ranging between £1,000 – £2,000 per day).

HSBC would perhaps well perhaps originate further assessments within the event that they are withdrawing this quantity of money to defend customers from fraud, scams or monetary crime.

A bank buyer’s abilities of attempting to steal £5,000 money out

I fundamental to withdraw £5,000 for a patio job I fundamental doing, says one Right here is Cash reader who emailed in.

I went to the bank to map out my money but they would not give it to me.

They insisted I had to enjoy an invoice, which I didn’t enjoy.

They refused fingers correct down to give me the money as they notion I is seemingly to be the sufferer of fraud.

After several attempts at reasoning, they aloof refused. At this level I notion to end down my myth and withdraw the money that manner.

The teller answered: ‘K, or not it’s your money it’s seemingly you’ll originate what you’ll need to enjoy with it.’ Clearly not.

The supervisor then equipped me an different, she mentioned she would attach my card restrict up to £500 a transaction.

I wasted my time drawing out the £5,000 over 10 days and striking myself in risk doing the 10 runs to the mini bank.

The builder aloof got his £5,000 but I had to work for it.

The same myth, finding it entertaining to withdraw large sums of money from the bank? Obtain in contact: editor@thisismoney.co.uk

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